Course Syllabus

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Name of school

Title of course, class code

Days and hours of course

Dates of course

Credit hours

Instructor's Name

Instructor's phone number

Instructor's office location and address

Instructor's e-mail address

Classroom Disclosure Statement


Welcome and Introduction

“Welcome to (name of course). I’m your instructor, (your name). We’ll be together for the next (number of weeks of course) weeks. In this course, we’ll come together to help you learn to (a brief summary of the course content and how it will help students).”

Course Theme

Add a quotation that inspires and is relevant to the course material.

Course Goals

  • 4 to 6 bullets of the course objectives

Methods of Instruction

Give a paragraph description of different teaching methods that will be used, such as lectures, group discussions, team work, hands-on activities, and other teaching methods you will use.

Course Component Specifics

Give a paragraph or two that explains policies of your class such as attitude, class participation, research formats. Also explain plagiarism and cheating policies.

Tell students: Plagiarism and cheating have no place in a community of scholars. Have the confidence in yourself to give your original best. This is all that is required of you.

Attendance and Make-Up Work

Explain your attendance policy or that of the school’s. Give students clear instructions on what is an accepted absence and what is not. Also give instructions on how to make up missed work. See the following examples:

Absences are recognized for the following reasons:

    1. Absences to participate in official campus activities (designated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs)
    2. Absences for family or personal emergencies (verified by the Dean of Students’ Office)
    3. Absences for medical reasons (discussed with instructor)
    4. Absences for work-related travel (discussed with instructor)

If you miss class, make arrangements with me as soon as possible to arrange time for your make-up assignments. You are responsible for getting class notes from a classmate. Make-up assignments are due by the end of the class following the missed class. Cyber Day Instructions

Course Requirements and Grading

Give detailed information on what you expect from students and how they will be evaluated.

  • Clarify whether you will use a letter grade or a point system. If you use a point system, explain the grade equivalents.
  • Explain the weight of the course components, or if competency-based, explain the level at which each competency must be mastered to complete the course.
  • Explain how attitude, effort, improvement, and participation affect students’ grades.
  • Explain your policy, if applicable, for I and N grades.
  • Explain your attendance policy and how attendance affects grades.
  • Give the last date for withdrawal from the course.
  • Give dates of exams.
  • Be prepared to learn

Office Hours

By appointment or give hours

How to Reach Me

Tell students: See the information on the top of this syllabus. Please call if you have questions or to schedule make-up work or an appointment. If I am unavailable, I will get back to you ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

Required text

Name of text(s) required and author(s)


Date Topic Assignments
Class dates Material to be covered Class and homework assignments  






Course Summary:

Date Details Due